“AdGorilla were founded to offer new way of thinking and products to market. I have been working in marketing and advertising since 2004, at first as a client and now as a provider, so I do know it from both sides, what are the expectations and what to offer.

We are frequent visitors at big as well as small exhibitions around Europe, constantly searching something new and innovative, something different from the others. From these exhibitions we have found the best partners, direct producers without middle mans with what we can assure the quality and good price. With our partners we are able to realize even the most crazy ideas! Definitely our product range does not end with the ones on the web so do not hesitate to turn to us in person!
Our purpose is to be your partner, partner who listens and thinks with you, giving you best solutions available! This kind of ideology I expect from AdGorilla workers as well as from our partners. We consider us to be solution providing agency!

Feel free to give us a try, advice is not charged (at least not yet) and your “problem” could not get any worse. But be aware, you may start to like us, as well with the other companies, to whom we have become sole provider of advertising solutions, many of them with the highest standards at the market!
From year 2014 we are official distributors in Baltics and Finland for the innovative and award-winning textile and other POS display systems.”
Heiki Sõmerik
Founder & CEO
AdGorilla OÜ